Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are processes used to unlock your  potential and maximise your  performance.  It is about helping you  to learn, particularly about yourself. Coaching and mentoring are essential for effective 21st century leadership.

Our Approach to Coaching

Coaching is task oriented, for  a specified time usually short term and  performance driven. It explores the problem with the coachee and create opportunities for the coachee to learn and apply new skills. The process  jointly owned and is stated in a coaching agreement

 “Coaching is part of human evolution, its part of self responsibility…. It is  is a human way of learning in the wider political, economical and social context of society. We must embrace the bigger picture of our place in the world and coaching is the tool for making people responsible and helping then find their individual reality. Sir John Whitmore,  Association For Coaching  Annual Coaching Debate  2012


Our coaching practice has evolved organically  from our values, education, experiential learning and  professionalism   As a member of the  Association For Coaching  our work is underpinned by the Code of Practice and Competency Framework. We  and participate in continuous professional development  including self evaluation to improve our practise.

We  have developed a fluid, natural and creative coaching framework that puts, learning at the heart of our practice. We use a range of learning interventions that best suits the individual’s need and situation. By facilitating learning, and in some cases unlearning, we enable a fresh approach towards unlocking their potential.

We support individuals through a process of transformation and action, which is directed by them and jointly owned. We help in the creation and implementation of a personal and professional development plan so that they confidently achieve their individual and, in some cases, organisational goals.

We have built a reputation for inspiring individuals to think creatively, differently and positively about themselves and their future, by using what they already have (work experience, emotional intelligence and life experience) in an exciting and innovative way. We support  individuals to increase their self awareness, build confidence and competence, take action, change  their behaviours, improve performance, and transform their lives.

We offer a  tailored package of personal coaching, based on  an individual’s  goals, and corporate coaching as an integrated package of team development and organisational culture change services.

We have experience of coaching  individuals from a range of professions and industry  sector backgrounds who are at all different stages of  their careers:  artist, entrepreneurs, educationalist, librarian, lawyer, social worker and  HR specialist.

Association For Coaching:

”A collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee.”
“Similar to that of personal coaching, but with a specific remit to focus on supporting an employee, either as an individual, as part of a team and/or organisation to achieve improved business performance and operational effectiveness”

We offer two levels of coaching:-

Short-term challenges such as:

  • Seeking clarity and focus on career direction
  • Applying for a job
  • Moving into a new role
  • Managing a new team, project or restructure

Long term deeper issues such as:

  • Building self image and personal brand
  • Improving communication and influence
  • Developing and improving self leadership
  • Transforming a good manager to an extraordinary leader
  • Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur

“At the heart of coaching lies the idea of empowering people by facilitating self-directed learning, personal growth and improved performance.”Bresser and Wilson, 2007

“The ability to learn and unlearn are amongst the most powerful evolutionary forces within each individual or group of individuals”Timothy Galway, 2010

Client Stories

The most important measure of our success is the client stories

Our Approach to Mentoring

Mentoring is relationship oriented, usually long term and is development driven. It provides personal and professional development based on the quality of the relationship with the mentee. The ownership and the direction the relationship takes is the responsibility of the mentee.

Our approach to mentoring is to act as a critical friend, listen and encourage. We have a rich sources of experience, knowledge, skills and relationships to share. Mentoring often begins where coaching ends. Our mentoring is based on shared values, mutual trust where mentor and mentee  learn together.

Our mentoring work with young people is free

WoW Festival, Southbank Centre London
We have participated in the annual Women of the World Festival, mass speed mentoring which involved women from all fields,  industries, and ages. It was  about women supporting women while focused on a particularly professional challenge or issue.