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Graeme Mortimer Evelyn’s Debut Solo Show Commonwealth Club, London, 2 April-31 May 2012

We are indeed, very proud to be working with Graeme to produce his first solo London show. Since meeting Graeme at the Curatorship and National Identity Conference in Bridgetown, Barbados in 2009, we have cultivated a creative relationship and having spent an afternoon at his studios, experiencing nearly 15 years of his work, there was mutual understanding of working together. First, to support his personal professional development as an artist and cultural leader. Second, to secure new commissions in the UK and the international arena. Third, to develop and promote his work to new and diverse national and international audiences. This solo London show is the start of an exciting new journey for Graeme who in our opinion is one of the most amazingly talented artist and cultural leader/thinker of his generation. Working with Graeme has inspired us to work with other artists.

Graeme’s work have been displayed and collected in Gloucester Cathedral, The African American CenterPrinceton University, Cornell University New York, Museum in Docklands London, Watershed and M-Shed, Bristol and international private collections.
Following a recentseries of high profile commissions, Graeme has developed areputation for creating worksituated in municipal buildings and places ofworship that subvert thesesettings and philosophies, acting as a catalystenabling the questioning and democratisation of public spaces. Graeme was the first Artist-in-Residence at Stephen’sChurch (Bristol UK) and was commissionedto create thenew permanentcontemporary altarpiece; the Reconciliation Reredos unveiled January2011 by the playwright, actor and broadcaster, Kwame Kwei Armah.

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