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International School of Management – Senegal, April 2013

Maureen, your coming to ISM has always been instrumental in transforming our students and faculty alike including myself. I have become much more aware of my possibilities and strengths, and capitalize on them every day. I am running the Executive MBA program  and it would be great to have you in April to help our students to discover their own potential as leaders and entrepreneurs”Drissa Ouedraogo, Executive MBA Program Manager, Groupe ISM-Dakar

International School of Management,  Dakar, Senegal

“This is Alima Mwemerabugabo from ISM in Dakar, Senegal. It was an honour to have you here in our school and on the behalf of all the women of our association I wanted to thank you very much for making time for us, for your support and your advices because it is really helping us managing and running our association. So THANK YOU VERY for that. …”Women Leader, International School of Management(ISM)

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