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Freshwaters Leadership

Self leadership is at the heart of our  work. Leadership is a ‘state of mind’ to lead yourself and others that should be valued and nurtured at every level of society.

“This leadership stuff really needn’t be complicated. I believe that leading is a natural, human activity that is a part of all of us. You don’t need a certain IQ or job title to be a leader!” Steve Radcliffe, 2012

Good leadership is the key determinant for the success of individuals, organisations and society . We have a rich resource of leadership learning experiences from around the world which we share .

Learning is at the core of our practise in developing leaders and is the  emotion that transforms a good manager to an extraordinary leader.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”
John F. Kennedy

Research shows that today’s dynamic leaders learn their craft through a rich mix of ‘hands-on’ personal life and work based experiences rather than through education qualifications.

It (leadership) isn’t what you learn from a book or at college – its what you learn from experience. I have learnt that leadership is about you and your personality – and communication”
Marion King, President, MasterCard  2013

“Leadership is a personal thing,  must be hands-on, is a work of art.  Leaders must have passion and dreams”

OP Jain, Founder President, Sanskriti Foundation, 2010

Our Approach

We use a  simple and practical approach to developing leaders and leadership within organisations. We help will help you to identify and intentionally use  their strengths to lead yourself and others.   Daniel Goleman explains that 80% of  what it takes to lead is emotional intelligence,  an essential strength and skill to increase self-awareness and self-confidence that enables self-leadership.

▶ Daniel Goleman Explains Emotional Intelligence – YouTube .

We have over ten years experience of using Clifton StrengthsFinder and  are qualified  emotional intelligence assessor, we are accredited to use Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)  and  Team Emotional Intelligence Survey (TEi).  These tools are  the foundation of our leadership programmes. Coaching and mentoring are integral elements of our leadership programmes.

We adapt our approach to  meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations. Our programmes range from one day master-classes to longer pre-determined timeframes, such as the three year ‘Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements’.

The process results in the building of self confidence and competences in: values, vision, emotional intelligence, influence, relationship, creative and strategic thinking.

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