Maureen Salmon

Maureen Salmon  MA FRSA ACMI  Founder Director


Maureen is inspired by the future and what is possible and so, she  created Freshwaters. As  consultant, coach  and lecturer she helps individuals and organisations to create  visions of their futures.  In so doing, she believes we  can all make  a positive difference in  the world.   Maureen  has  experience of working across different industries in the public, private and public sectors in an international arena.  Her work is underpinned by her passion for diversity.  She  has a wealth of experience in inherent and acquired diversity.

Maureen is the epitome of what one expects from a consultant: knowledgeable, confident, strategic, and deliberate without being obtrusive and patronising. I was privileged to experience and benefit from Maureen’s first rate competencies over a period of eight months as she coached and consulted with the National Library of Jamaica in the on-time delivery of its objectives as an international partner in the Cultural Leadership Programme. It would be good if all consultants were as quietly competent and effective as Maureen.”
Winsome Hudson, Executive Director, National Library of Jamaica

Prior to creating  Freshwaters, Maureen held a number of senior executive positions where she was at the helm of a variety of high profile leadership, entrepreneurship and employability programmes, nationally and internationally.

Maureen has held a number of public appointments  and is currently a governor at LeSoCo College.  She  is  a member of the Institute of Business Consulting, Chartered Management Institute, Association For Coaching and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and the Higher Education Academy.

Maureen is an experienced Clifton StrengthsFinder assessor and is qualified to use the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) and GEI Partners Team Emotional Survey (TEi). Her Clifton StrengthsFinder profile is: Futuristic, Individualisation, Strategic,  Arranger and Connectedness.

Maureen  a visiting lecturer at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at the University of the West Indies and at the International School of Management in Senegal, where she teaches  leadership and entrepreneurship  on undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes.

Maureen’s work has been recognised through accolades including ‘Women of the Year’ in 2000 at the ‘Millennium Festival of Women’s Work’ and ‘European Federation of Black Women Business Owners’ Professional Award’.  She was also a finalist in the ‘European Union Women of Achievement Awards 2001’, this was an acknowledgment of her “contributions to pan-European understanding and progress, as well as providing inspiration to others”.