Organisational Culture Change

In this  fast changing economic climate, organisations in all sectors are having to change, improve their performance and achieve results to maintain their competitive advantage and relevance in the market place.

Within the public and non profit sectors, this is a particular challenge. With  decreasing public funding and a stronger emphasis on a new commissioning culture, many organisations recognise that they need to change  to capitalise on new business opportunities and deliver better customer-focused services.

Against this backdrop, we have worked effectively with organisations helping them through their transformation. Individual and organisational experiential learning is at heart of our strategy for organisational culture change.


Our Approach

We capitalise on the experience, knowledge and talent already present within teams and organisations to help identify the core concerns, as well as find creative and innovative workable solutions. Through collaborative working, we agree a plan of action for change and get commitment for that change,to move the team and the organisation forward.

We start this process with a practical situational analysis using appreciative inquiry to ask simple, yet challenging questions. We facilitate conversations within the organisation to consider the consequences of continuing as they are and the risks involved. We encourage teams and organisations to think of a future that is new, different and reflects where they would like to be.

We focus attention on team and organisational performance:

  • Culture and values
  • Vision and mission
  • Leadership and  followership capability
  • Diversity, creativity and innovation
  • Strategic objectives and priorities
  • Operating internal and  external environment and climate

We use a range of tools and techniques to support managers and teams through their transformational journeys.  These include: Dr Fuda transformational change framework, Professor  Druskat and Dr Wolff’ Team Emotional Intelligence framework, Trait Emotional Intelligence and  Dr Clifton StrengthsFinder.

Client Stories

The most important measure of our success is the client stories