Kingston College and Carshalton College, London

The programme aimed to help the Federation and Governors focus on how to be more effective in their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, especially in improving the overall performance of the colleges so that learners achieve results and their ambitions.

We helped the Governors focus on how to be more strategic in  capitalising on new opportunities for the colleges.

The results was a deeper understanding of the new competencies necessary for good governance and effective leadership essential for the colleges to achieve their ambitions in the medium to long term. A plan of action  to achieve the colleges strategic objectives and priorities within the context of current Government policy directives for further education colleges and the skills sector was developed.


London Borough of Merton London

The  Adult Social Care Commissioning,  Access and Assessment Teams Performance Improvement programme was designed to help managers and their   teams  to prepare for the  ‘culture change’ required to move from the current way of operating to achieve the aspirations identified in the Adult Social Care Transformational Delivery Plan.  The programme focused on the learning and development of the new competencies  to  improve  overall effectiveness and  performance to successfully achieve individual and team  objectives of  the Adult Social Care Transformation programme.

The tools and techniques used included: StrengthsFinder,  Trait Emotional Intelligence, coaching,  master classes.  The coaching enabled individual team members to identify and address  their individual learning and development needs. Ten managers participated in coaching and

The results include a new brand for the Commissioning Team based on the collective values and norms;  increased confidence amongst individuals and the team, effective team work with internal and external stakeholders.

“When Maureen first came by at the request of ‘Head Commissioning’ here at Merton Council, I found certain questions going through my mind and wondered what would be the impact?

My first impression of Maureen when she first introduced herself was someone who imposed ‘Professionalism, Profile and Personality’ that demonstrated drive and enthusiasm to those she came into contact. Motivation and inspiration I thought is never negative and is often a catalyst to achievement and attainment. My first impression I perceived of Maureen was ‘energy and excitement’ to impart to the Team. A passion to ensure we understood how best to harness individual strengths whilst supporting each other in a Team environment. Ensuring always along the way we were maximising combing performance and productivity to equal success.

I summarise, not only has Maureen left me with ‘food for thought’ but challenged my concept of approach and attitude towards work- particularly in a team office environment. Maureen you have brushed away my reservations I honestly had and rejuvenated my view about age, proving it is not and need not be a barrier to aims and aspirations if one can accentuate the positive.

Maureen I salute you and wish you well as you continue to make a difference to others who desire to succeed!”

Colin Fagan, Reimbursement, Adult Social Care Commissioning Team


“ I am writing to say thank you for all of the help, support and guidance that you have given me over the past few months in your coaching role. As you will recall when we first met, I  had no confidence at all and could not see a way forward.

During our sessions you facilitated and enabled me to look at things differently, to change the perspective, to explore my own reactions, thoughts, experiences and to look at the bigger picture, potential outcomes, alongside my own strengths, weaknesses, needs, wishes and mistakes.

The process of coaching was on occasions difficult, where self-reflection highlighted personality traits that were perhaps not as fruitful as I had led myself to believe and I didn’t always feel comfortable with what you had to say.  However, it was a huge reality check and learning curve that has made me far more self aware in terms of my own standards, values, strengths, limitations, and weaknesses.  In addition, I am now very aware of the influential factors external to myself such as other people’s social and political agenda’s, which I was allowing to influence my thinking, decision-making and actions often at my own detriment.

I feel possibly for the first time in my life that I control what does and doesn’t happen to me.  My confidence has increased dramatically and I have resumed responsibilities that I had stopped previously due to feelings of inadequacy and fear of making mistakes.  Now I have reached this point in my life, I am happy in myself, work and home life and feel that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and should I make mistakes on the way, so be it.  I will never return to where I was when we met.”

Sarah Wells, Service Manager, Access and Assessment Team


FORWARD, the Foundation for Women’s Health and Development

The Programme

The programme  aimed to help the trustees of FORWARD (international charity working to advance and protect the health and human rights of African girls and women in the UK and Africa) spearhead an organisational culture change and identify a new strategic direction to better meet the needs of its users and other stakeholders. To accomplished this we:

  • Facilitated the development and implementation of a three-year strategic and business plan including communication and marketing, and fund development strategies.
  • Recruited new non-executive and executive leadership.
  • Renewed and reinforced organisation’s profile among external stakeholders and brokered new relationships such as with the Amnesty International Irish Section and the Women’s Commission Sexual Violence Strategy Group.
  • Oversaw the re-branding and repositioning of organisation in the market place.
  • Helped to launch a major research report at the House of Lords, hosted by Baroness Gould.

The result was:

  • A new culture, a rejuvenated organisation and improved services to clients.
  • Effective executive and non-executive leadership.
  • New relationships with funders and new funding streams, which enabled the doubling of the workforce to cope better with the demands and needs of users.

Increased visibility of the organisation among existing and new stakeholders.

Maureen Salmon ensured that FORWARD’s transition maximised its outreach through its UK and Africa programmes. She provided valuable leadership and strategic direction including overseeing the rebranding process and the recruitment of new leadership for the organisation. Within the short time Maureen was with FORWARD, she helped to successfully bridge the transition by putting into operation a strategic plan and communications and fund-development strategies to enhance our organisational effectiveness.”
Maureen, you have been wonderful.  I admire your professionalism and leadership.  A kind of leadership that suits the new era of multiculturalism and this global entities. I much respect your respect for all of us. Your modesty and friendly approach created a comfortable, productive office environment. For me, your encouragement and respect removed all the barriers.”