Arts Council England – Cultural Leadership Programme

Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements 2008/2011

Project Description

As consultant and programme partner to the Cultural Leadership Programme we designed and delivered the Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements, in partnership with cultural organisations in Brazil, Barbados, China, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Singapore Brazil, India, Senegal and the United States.

“The Cultural Leadership Programme (CLP) has been fortunate to work with Maureen Salmon in the development of two of its signature programmes – the CLP ‘Peach’ Placements and the Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements. Maureen played a key role in designing and refining the shape of the programmes, drawing upon her excellent strategic skills, management experience and informed perspectives on professional development and diversity to broaden and deepen the opportunities. Maureen has been trusted to broker high level partnerships both nationally and internationally, and to nurture and secure several key relationships on behalf of the CLP. Maureen and Freshwaters Consultancy remains a partner of choice for the Cultural Leadership Programme.” Hilary S Carty, Director, Cultural Leadership Programme

Photo: Reflections & Legacies 14 March, 2012, Royal Society of Arts Associates:
Beverley Sterling, Padma Rao, Carole Morrison, Lynda Rosenior, Valerie Chang, Archana Kalyana, Delia Barker and Asif Khan, Hilary Carty, Director and Diane Morgan, CLP Project Manager, CLP Oliver Nyumbu, Caret, Maureen Salmon, Freshwaters

Reflections and Legacies of Leadership Learning in an International Context

This report explores the outcomes and impacts of the leadership learning journeys of the eighteen UK leaders from black Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds that completed placements in Barbados, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Singapore, Senegal and the United States of America. The paper gives prominence to the learning interventions and processes that helped these associates (recipients of the placements) to improve their overall performance and to take their leadership to a different level. The outcomes and impacts are evidenced by the words of the associates and their hosts.
Foreword by Oliver Nyumbu, Global Leadership Expert and former CEO, Caret

Powerbrokers Journeys and Discoveries – London

July, 2010Nurturing ‘diversity in leadership’ in the cultural sector and more widely is as important as it ever was: diversity is a 21st Century reality. This is illustrated by the words of Lord Boateng at the CLP’s Powerbrokers Journeys & Discoveries event on 8 July 2010: “In our world ‘people of colour’ are in the majority… we are the face of 21st Century Leadership”

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Leadership and Diversity Encounter – Brazil

November, 2009
This debate on ‘leadership and diversity’ at the Centro Cultural São Paulo was shaped as a BBC “Hard Talk”, it brought together an impressive list of senior cultural leaders and a younger generation including the two associates, Carole Morrison and Dawinder Bansal.

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  • Leadership and Diversity Encounter webcast


Cultural Leadership: Global Focus – The Caribbean

28 November-3 December, 2009
This symposium on leadership journeys was organised by in the National Art Gallery Committee Barbados in the context of the Caribbean Curatorship and National Identity Conference. An impressive panel of international cultural leaders including the two Associates, Delia Barker and Asif Khan.

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  • Caribbean Curatorship and National Identity
Beijing Modern Dance Company
“We deem the whole cultural leadership programme a value-added experience for a developing arts organization like ours. Both my staff and myself really benefited from this programme regarding different subjects such as leadership skills in an arts organization… by sharing knowledge and information with the CLP associate we can reaffirm and identify our own roles in an arts organization and the arts industry as a whole.
This experience has allowed both the host organisation and the associate to gain new perspective on arts organizations’ development and on oneself.
We look forward to more programmes like this in the future. And we hope this programme could be introduced to and benefit more people.”
Beijing Modern Dance Company
“Maureen combines a high level of professionalism with a personal touch. Her support in my (PILP) placement in China enabled me overcome many challenges, allowing me to move forward and achieve my leadership objectives.
She has an excellent understanding of emotional intelligence and how to apply this to situations, and has a very effective approach in managing complex meetings and people.”
“Maureen’s participation in my placement was invaluable and our time in Beijing led to great success in helping me and my host (Beijing Modern Dance Company) understand each other, as well as the unforgettable 8-mile hike we completed of the Great Wall!”
501 Arts Centre
“In preparation for my placement in China, Maureen provided me with excellent support and professional advice. I experienced enormous challenges in China and with her help she gave me objective advice, guidance and a level of coaching to cope and manage my leadership experience.

Maureen was objective and analytical which helped to develop my leadership potential, self-awareness and impact that I had on others.

On her visit to China, I valued our discussions on emotional intelligence and communication styles, this had greatly raised my awareness and style of working and influenced the success of my placement, outlook and approach to life. What I gained in China from her was valuable insight about myself, followed by constructive advice and support, which has left a long term impact on my future direction. Finally, I am grateful to have had her input and appreciate her authentic qualities and contribution to leadership development and learning.”

“Maureen was a sensitive and inspirational source of knowledge and guidance throughout my (PILP) placement. The 1-1 sessions she guided me in were life changing, and enabled me to make some big and difficult decisions in my career. She took time to hear my story and steered me in appropriate directions to fulfil my development needs. The results were astounding – friends say that I am literally glowing with confidence and optimism. Maureen’s guidance has unlocked my self-belief. I feel empowered and full of positive energy. Which will no doubt be a good thing as I launch myself into new career pastures!”
National Library of Jamaica
“Maureen is the epitome of what one expects from a consultant: knowledgeable, confident, strategic, and deliberate without being obtrusive and patronising. I was privileged to experience and benefit from Maureen’s first rate competencies over a period of eight months as she coached and consulted with the National Library of Jamaica in the on-time delivery of its objectives as an international partner in the Cultural Leadership Programme. Would that all consultants were as quietly competent and effective as Maureen.”
National Library of Jamaica
“As the Powerbrokers International Leadership Placement consultant, Maureen Salmon provided inspirational one-to-one sessions and a quality that, in the context of my unconscious resistance to having any leadership skills, can only be described as alchemy … Due to her skills, I was able to answer the question ‘What does success look like?’ with ‘Success looks like me’.”
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
“Maureen worked with the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to develop and guide two significant ‘Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements’ that entailed mediating diverse interests in complex and sometimes demanding circumstances. The placements performed key roles in implementing the Academy’s strategic initiatives; for one, our partners included the Government’s Home Affairs Bureau and the Clore Leadership Programme. From start to finish, Maureen handled matters evenly, knowledgeably, and efficiently. Maureen’s extensive strategic management expertise helped ensure clearly defined parameters and her professionalism and finesse enabled outstanding achievement and optimal outcomes.”