Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, London

Collaborative Leadership and Management Programme 2012

Project Description

The Collaborative Leadership Programme aimed to support the leadership and management development of   fifty new and established middle managers from four of London’s largest further education colleges (Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, Kingston College and Carshalton College, LeSoCo) to unleash their leadership potential in the context of the new further education and skills landscape. The managers were from diverse backgrounds in terms of age, gender, race, ethnicity, curriculum areas and career journeys. We designed and delivered the self-assessment and career planning component of the programme, provided the keynote speaker for the launch event, briefed the coaches, facilitated panel discussions around the leadership journeys of the participating college principals.  We used a range of learning tools and techniques including StrengthsFinder, which resulted in:

  • Fifty personal professional development action plans
  • Cross college learning of leadership competencies
  • An understanding of  the potential influence of the fifty leaders
  • Knowledge of the operating environment
  • Learning from the principals’ leadership philosophies, brands, styles and career journeys; the planned and unplanned routes to success
  • Understanding the importance of experiential work based leadership learning as opposed to academic qualifications for a dynamic 21st Century leader

Client Stories

“Maureen was our first contact for the LISIS Leadership and Management Programme which seemed daunting but which she soon put into perspective. She was helpful and approachable and particularly helpful during one to one sessions when her clarity of thought enabled me you focus directly on what I wanted to achieve from participating in this Programme.
Whilst I did not achieve my intended outcomes, due to the current financial constraints. I did however discuss a plan B with Maureen, which she supported and confirmed might be a good way forward. On her advice, I am now trying to build up a portfolio of higher education programmes as a way of leading this section in the College.”
“The LSIS Collaborative Leadership Programme delivered on what it said on the tin. I was certainly inspired during my time on the Programme to move away from my comfort zone and explore ways to unlock my career potential. I cannot say enough about the excellent work done by Maureen Salmon and her Freshwaters Consultancy, the architect of the ‘Self Assessment and Action Planning’ component of the Programme. Maureen is a consummate professional and a facilitator of the highest quality. She is incredibly competent and very knowledgeable and she was able to draw on her wealth of experience to relate the subject matter to real life situations. Her palpable dedication and passion for leadership fired up the imagination of those who participated. Her approach was to use her excellent people skills to engage and inspire. Using her coaching skills, she ensured that various group activities also drew on the potential of the participants. By the end of the Programme, I had identified my own strengths and areas of development. My self-awareness and confidence certainly increased as did my emotional intelligence. I had explored key leadership strategies and ideas which would enable me to develop in my current role and take my career to the next level. Leadership as a state of mind’ resonates with me and I now believe that an employee can be supported and helped to realize their leadership potential in their area of responsibility and within the team that they work in. There is a direct correlation between the implementation of shared leadership practice and improved performance, higher morale and innovative problem solving. I am thrilled to have participated in this programme. Maureen and Freshwaters Consultancy, I cannot thank you enough.”