Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination University of the West Indies, Barbados

Project Description

The Errol Barrow Centre Creative Imagination plays a crucial role in the development of the culture and creative sector in Barbados and the Caribbean. It promotes the making, study and appreciation of the arts.

With the increasing importance of the arts and culture in the international economy, the Master of Arts programme focuses on capacity building to develop human resources in the creative arts, to integrate the arts in schools’ curricula and produce high quality art that benefits the Caribbean and support the growth of the arts and culture sector.

Within the Master of Arts  Creative Arts degree , we  designed and delivered the Leadership and Management, Entrepreneurship and Project Management courses in 2012 and 2013.  The assignments included:

  • Production of an arts season of performance and  exhibition at the EBCCI
  • Reflective essay on the experiential learning from the arts season
  • Business model for an arts based venture
  • Case study of an artists or arts organisation


“I would like to thank you for your excellent work with our post-graduate students in our Master of Arts-Creative Arts programme. Your approach was collegial and professional. Your style of working with our students was motivating and effective. Your readings and personalized handbooks were very helpful so mush so that our students in “Arts Marketing” and “Entrepreneurship and Project Development in the Arts” were energized and came out of the courses having learned something new about the arts and themselves. We are pleased to foe the opportunity to have worked with you. We truly appreciate your efforts and look forward to the opportunity to work with you next year. It is safe to say that you have broadened our students’ knowledge of the arts and deepened their life-skills.”
“The Entrepreneurship and Project Management module was an insightful stepping stone in my development as an Arts Entrepreneur. Maureen offered professional and encouraging one-on-one sessions that catered to your specific needs. She actively engaged your thinking of the arts markets across the Caribbean and the UK in the group sessions. Her approach and style of teaching was one that embarked on personal advancement and group dynamics. She provided critical source material that allowed you to identify your strengths and effectively use them to manifest your overall achievement. Maureen provides effective consultancy to furnish your business ideas unto the path of becoming a reality.”

she made contact with me, as she did with all her students, and provided the information that we would need ahead of time to facilitate a smooth start. Indeed, preparedness and careful time management were her hallmark as she sought to maximize the use of time so that every session was a thought provoking learning experience. She was also very knowledgeable about her subject area and made every attempt to present material that was relevant and pertinent to our Caribbean situation, which was quite different to what she was accustomed to. The successful delivery of the material therefore not only proves Ms. Salmon’s competence and knowledge, but her ability to be sensitive to the cultural contexts within which she works. Although there was limited time to deliver the material, daily Ms. Salmon would reflect on what we had been able to accomplish and evaluate the outcomes, while considering her objectives so that changes could be made in order to respond to our individual needs. Her ability to reflect critically on her own performance, as well as my own and every member of the class, made the time that she spent with us invaluable and rewarding. Ms. Salmon has helped me to identify my strengths clearly, frankly point out areas for development and improvement and most importantly, provide the tools that I needed to improve as a manager, as a leader and as an artist. The course Entrepreneurship and Project Management in the Arts was also facilitated by Ms. Salmon during my studies. The intricacies of business development and planning and project development and planning were explored systematically and comprehensively. Because of her careful attention to detail and her insistence that I put into practice all that had been studied, I achieved great academic and personal satisfaction, which culminated in the successful staging of an artistic production. More importantly she was able to bring her own personal experiences and ethos to bear upon the course so that what I learned more than anything else is that any project or business relies on good relationships and good communication. Her vast experience as a manager and artist, her genuine warmth and insightful observations, the individual attention that she paid, made the courses practical and personal. Much of my success to date I owe to her careful guidance and tutelage.”