International School of Management Senegal Africa

Project Description

The International School of Management (ISM) is Senegal’s first and largest private business school founded by the President, Amadou Diaw, twenty years ago. ISM has over 3,000 students and 7,000 alumni, representing 30 African countries In 2011, we designed and delivered a leadership development programme entitled African Leadership – Creating 21st Century Leaders for 78 management undergraduates.

In 2013, we designed and delivered Leadership and Entrepreneurship modules and workshops for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive MBA respectively.



I have been running the Executive MBA program at the International School of Management, Dakar, Senegal, for seven years now. I have attended courses by many faculties from around the world. I have been very impressed by Maureen’s combination of sound professionalism and warm personal touch and engagement with her audience. As most students lack self confidence and self esteem, Maureen has been instrumental in helping them unleash self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Personally, Maureen is a source of inspiration, a gifted mentor and coach; she helps you discover your untapped potential Maureen is now a visiting Professor at ISM, and we are looking forward to working together to develop a module around soft-skills that will change the lives of hundreds of students.”


To design and deliver an intensive leadership development programme for 78 undergraduates and their tutors in the context of the objectives of the undergraduate management programmes, leadership in Senegal and Africa with an international focus

We worked collaboratively with the leadership of ISM to design a tailored programme entitled ‘African Leadership – Creating 21st Century Leaders inline the mantra of ISM “Today ISM Tomorrow the World” and the leadership realities of the students.

The programme comprised of an interactive plenary and workshops. The learning objectives were: to provide a stimulating, challenging, creative learning and nurturing environment for the students to explore leadership in their ‘realities’, qualities and styles of leadership; help the students understand and unleash their potential as leaders of the 21st Century; explore and develop their collective thinking about leading oneself and others; create action plans for their leadership journey to achieve their long term goals and ambitions.

We introduced some new learning methodologies including action learning, peer learning, learning-by-doing, reflective learning, strengths and emotional intelligence based learning and leadership development. Peer learning took the form of storytelling of personal experience of achievements, inspirational leaders and ambitions. Interestingly, for the vast majority of the students, their grandparents and parents were their most inspirational leaders; followed by President Mandela, President Obama, Ghandi and the Founder President of ISM, Amadou Diaw.

With regards the tutors, the focus was on their personal professional development to improved their teaching and learning performance. They completed the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment and explored how to be intentional in the use of their strengths and increase emotional intelligence to change and achievement results . We also explored how help the students action new learning.”