Mawuena Patten

Personal Coaching

Project Description

Mawuena is  currently a teaching assistant with experience of working with young people in formal and informal education context.  She is an education and business studies graduate.

Our brief was to provide Mawuena with personal  development coaching to help  her to  build self confidence, understand her potential and put a career development action plan in place to succeed.

“I met with Maureen on the basis of personal coaching.  I was going through a very stagnant and confusing period within my life and she was referred to me as someone who could help.

Maureen was very approachable; through meeting with her during a series of intervals she managed to assess my life and some of the causes of my confusion.  She then offered very practical solutions and regularly checked to see if I had followed through the actions I needed to take.  She led me to useful resources such as books, online video clips and apps that were relevant for me.  She even helped me with my CV and job application techniques.

Many times in life we know what we must do to succeed but need that extra support to push us.  Maureen is that supportive figure, her approach is very forthcoming, she does not hold back and will push you out of you comfort zone if necessary.  Her sessions also had a positive psychological affect on me as I became more confident and assertive as a result of her nurturing.After meeting with Maureen I had a different perspective to the way I approached my job, I became more proactive and since then have moved onto bigger and better things.

I would recommend Maureen to anyone.”