National Black Crown Prosecution Association, London

Leadership and Strategic Development 2012 and 2013

Project Description

The Leadership and Strategic Development Programme aimed to help the Executive Committee of the National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA) to develop their leadership and strategic development competencies in order to become a more dynamic high performance team. The process assisted the group to achieve their strategic business objectives and priorities, including supporting the NBCPA members and wider BME communities as well as working towards financial independence and long term sustainability.

”Thank you for the excellent leadership session that you provided to the Executive Committee on Monday 17 June 2013. It was a pleasure to work with you again and we all took away some very useful lessons for growth and development both individually and collectively as an Association. With the tools you have provided, we hope to be able to influence our stakeholders much more effectively and improve our overall Communication Strategy. You went over and above what was required to deliver this strategic leadership session and took it to a very high level just like you did in 2012.

The EC has been galvanized into action and I hope that we will be able to report some meaningful progress that we have made in the very near future.”

“ “Many thanks for the leadership programme you provided for the NBCPA Executive Committee early this year. I can confirm that it was of immense benefit to the whole committee in recognising our individual strengths and pulling together a consolidated work force to deliver the business of the association”