Yasmin Gurreeboo

Powerbrokers Coaching & Mentoring Programme, Cultural Leadership Programme Career Development and Transition

Project Description

Yasmin is a highly motivated and enigmatic artistic director, passionate about enhancing people’s lives through engagement in the arts.

Our brief was to help Yasmin increase her self confidence and develop as a “natural leader”, and learn how to be intentional in achieving her long term goal of as a creative artistic leader.

Our coaching interventions included: Clifton StrengthsFinder and emotional intelligence assessments, reflective learning through journaling and selected readings.

“I believe that there has been a massive change in me since embarking on the CLP Mentoring & Coaching Programme. I am more confident and I have a clearer, more truthful sense of where I want to be. The key learning outcomes from my session with my were:

The key learning outcomes from my session with my were:

Being Intentional, this has been useful not only for my professional life but also my personal life and has freed up a lot of my time.

Leading myself first, in order for me to be the leader I wish to be I have to be able to lead myself first, therefore I have to treat myself with respect, dignity and be intentional. Again this has had a massive impact on both my professional and personal life alike.

Reflecting my journey and practice, after my first session I began to keep a journal about my learning and reflections. I have found this a useful way to document my learning and I have recorded various interviews I have had with other leaders and their words of wisdom that I refer to as a source of inspiration.

Emotional Intelligence Awareness, I found completing the EI test beneficial and it highlighted clear areas that I needed to develop.

In order to continue to progress things, I need to ensure that I allocate time to reflect on my learning and to ensure that I am working to my personal development plan, which now needs to be updated as I have completed a lot of my goals over the last 6 months.

The Coaching & Mentorship programme was a really positive experience for me and I think it has been invaluable to my professional and personal development. I had a good rapport with my coach, Maureen Salmon and felt that an open space was created whereby I could speak freely without judgement but with complete support, which has been an entirely unique experience.””