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Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements 2008-2011

Reflections and Legacies of Leadership Learning in an International Context

This report explores the outcomes and impacts of the leadership learning journeys of the eighteen UK leaders from black Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds that completed placements in Barbados, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Singapore, Senegal and the United States of America. The paper gives prominence to the learning interventions and processes that helped these associates (recipients of the placements) to improve their overall performance and to take their leadership to a different level. The outcomes and impacts are evidenced by the words of the associates and their hosts. Foreword by Oliver Nyumbu, Former CEO, Caret

photo_leadership_placement11Reflections & Legacies 14 March, 2012, Royal Society of Arts



My legacy so far has been to be a gate-opener for artists and individuals and thus allowing them to find new horizons in their careers, artistic ideas or partnerships. I wish to continue doing this, albeit at an international level in addition to supporting diverse artists at the local and national level. I wish to continue my dialogue with the Indian artists, academics, arts organisations around this and develop ways to make small interventions.”Padma Rao 2011

Authentic, strategic successful leadership. The value of creating personal spaces for reflection and planning. An accessible network for past and future leaders. A space both physical and virtual for continued opportunities to progress.”Carole Morrison 2011

If I am successful with Art and Environment project on to a higher level, involving the business, arts and environment sector, gathering financial support and momentum, I would like to be a catalyst for leadership change, bringing together great minds of collective thinking, partnerships by sharing and the new movers and shakers in today’s society. It is my ambition to bring about new models of leadership practice and social and ethical values enterprise.”Valerie Chang 2011

My PILP experience clearly demonstrated that as cultural and creative leaders we are on the cusp of a new dawn. The responsibility is great but equally the future is bright, exciting and awe inspiring and we should fully embrace it and share it.”Lynda Rosenior 2011

I want to leave a legacy that reflects my ethics. These include: treating people with respect; encouraging others to be honest and open; having faith in your own abilities; staying strong and positive in stressful situations.”Archana Kalyana 2011

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Associates (in picture above): 
Beverley Sterling, Padma Rao, Carole Morrison, Lynda Rosenior, Valerie Chang, Archana Kalyana, Delia Barker and Asif Khan
Hilary Carty, Director and Diane Morgan, CLP Project Manager, CLP
Oliver Nyumbu, Caret
Maureen Salmon, Freshwaters

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