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Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements, visit to China February 2009

The visit was part of the monitoring and evaluation of the placements of Harpreet Kaur, Associate Producer Beijing Modern Dance Company, and Valerie Chang, Marketing and Development Associate, 501 Art Centre, Chongqinq. It demonstrated the value and mutual benefit of these unique learning and leadership development opportunities to both the leaders and the host organisations.

Beijing Modern Dance Company, Beijing, China February 2009
Vicky SiYan, Programme Manager, Beijing Modern Dance Company,
Harpreet Kaur, Associate Producer, Maureen Salmon, Director Freshwaters
Consultancy, Changcheng Zhang, Director, Beijing Modern Dance Company

Maureen Salmon and Harpreet Kaur, Powerbrokers Associate Producer
completing 8 miles hike of the Great Wall, China, February 2009

501 Art Centre, Chongqing City, China February 2009
Valerie Chang, Marketing and Development Associate, Maureen Salmon,
Director, Freshwaters Consultancy, YanYan, Director 501 (far right) and
artists from 501 Art Centre

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