Creative & Strategic Project Development

Entrepreneurship Development

The global economic crisis has created an entrepreneurial revolution around the world. There is now a proliferation of business, social, cultural, creative, intellectual and arts entrepreneurs operating independently and within organisations. They are seen as the new super heroes who will to solve all the economic and social challenges. They are at the forefront of creating an entrepreneurial, innovative-based economy.

Our Approach  

We  nurture entrepreneurs to engage in creative thinking and take strategic action to learn and develop themselves to enable them to turn their  ideas into sustainable business opportunities.

We help entrepreneurs  to develop business models around their creativity.  We focus on unleashing their entrepreneurial mind-set using a range of learning interventions and techniques such as coaching. We capitalize on their personal and experiential work  experiences and take them through the business planning process.


Client Stories

We are frequently commissioned to explore  fresh thinking  to old problems,  or new ideas and insights, which then evolves and develop  into something  sustainable.  We use creative,  strategic and  innovative approach to exploring new ideas and turning them into business opportunities on behalf of our  clients.

Our Approach Strategic and Creative Project Development

We have access to a rich resource of professionals, decision makers and organisations across the public, private and third sectors to assist and collaborate . Our extensive experience of successfully brokering high level relationships has secured productive partnerships and created new opportunities internationally. We have worked with a range of  organisations to help realise some of the most innovative ideas including: